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Fmc Technologies AS

Address: Kirkegårdsveien 45, 3616 KONGSBERG
Phone: +47 56153001

Vacancy Details

Created 13.02.2015
Expires 15.02.2015
Company Fmc Technologies AS
Employment Part-time
Job type Trainee
County Buskerud
Phone +47 56153001
Email subsea.systems@fmcti.com
WWW www.fmctechnologies.com


To participate and collaborate on a 10-week project which addresses issues facing the arctic-related subsea industry.

Main Tasks

The 2015 program needs people who can work with the following disciplines: 
Autonomous intervention (2 positions) 
Position 1: Conceptual design (cybernetics and autonomy) for operation of -subsea warehouse- - hardware, fluids, power, communication, and control system.
Position 2: Conceptual design (mechanical) of -subsea warehouse- for receiving, storing, and deploying hardware and fluids, as well as integration with ROV/AUV. 
Electric power storage subsea (2 positions)
Position 1: Conceptual design (electrical) of power system for ROV/AUV with focus on high capacity battery technology and charging methods. 
Position 2: Conceptual design (mechanical) of power system for ROV/AUV with focus on battery marinisation and charging stations. 
Autonomous sea cargo modules (2 positions) 
Position 1: Conceptual design (cybernetics and autonomy) for self-propelled cargo modules deployed from surface vessels - flight path, communication, artificial intelligence.
Position 2: Conceptual design (mechanical and hydro dynamic) for self-propelled cargo modules deployed from surface vessels - hull shape, propulsion, docking. 
The autonomous fields (2 positions)
Position 1: Field layout for an autonomous field - subsea trees, manifold, flow-lines, subsea warehouse, communication, power, autonomy, and artificial intelligence. 
Position 2: Operation of the autonomous field with interface towards host facilities, service vessels, integrated operations, decision making, ROV/AUV. 
Business development (1 position)
Establish a business model for autonomous intervention, economy considerations, established service partners- evaluation, and growth perspectives for a new autonomous intervention service. 
Project management (1 position)
Project management of the program - technical overview, plan, lead processes, ensures cooperation, and motivation of team members. 
Media and communication (1 position)
Create a -media situation- for the program - cover it both internally and externally. Photo, video, and text production will be among the tasks. 


The program is open to students who are currently pursuing their master-s degree. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are truly dedicated to technology, good team players and have an academic record to match the tasks. 

The application deadline is 15.02.2015. Please mark your application with the position you are applying for. 
The program is based in Kongsberg, Norway. Accommodations can be arranged for participants who live out of the area. 

The 2015 STTP runs from June 8 until August 14. 
If any questions, please contact sttp@fmcti.com.