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Norges Miljø- Og Biovitenskapelige Universitet (nmbu)

Address: Universitetstunet 3, 1433 ÅS
Phone: +47 64965000

Vacancy Details

Created 03.11.2014
Expires 31.12.2014
Company Norges Miljø- Og Biovitenskapelige Universitet (nmbu)
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Akershus
Phone +47 64965000
Fax +47 64965001
Email postmottak@umb.no
WWW www.umb.no



Research project 

The position is financed by NMBU, and shall be relevant for the area ‘Ecosystem services – processes, resource efficiency, conflicts and possibilities’, which is one of four prioritized thematic areas of INA. 
The PhD supervisor team  will be:
- Professor Stein R. Moe
- Researcher Katrine Eldegard
- Professor Ørjan Totland

The project will utilize an established large-scale experiment financed by the Norwegian Power Line Company Statnett. In order to study how different management practices affect biodiversity below power lines, we have established different disturbance regimes, which are well suited for studies of how disturbance affects functional groups dominance patterns across trophic levels. The study will focus on vascular plants and invertebrates (i.e. beetles and wild bees). We already have a substantial database from two years of data collection. Yet, we expect the PhD student to carry out additional field-work.

Main tasks 

 • Carry out field-work, course work and write publications according to the requirements of a doctoral degree at INA.
• Complete a doctoral thesis in ecology at INA

In collaboration with supervisors, the successful candidate is expected to prepare a work and research plan for the PhD education within the first few months of the appointment.

Academic qualifications

The successful applicant must have a MS degree within a relevant scientific area.
The applicant must document expertise and interest in the research subject.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

• Academic achievements. Any previous publications are highly relevant.
• Relevant skills 
   - ecological theory, 
   - background in plant ecology and entomology, 
   - strong background in statistics

Desired personal qualities 

 Personal characteristics important for the position are:

• Strong interest in ecology
• Motivated and enthusiastic
• Good team worker
• Hard working



To read more and apply, please visit Norwegian University of Life Sciences here.