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Norsk Hydro Asa

Address: Drammensveien 264, 0283 OSLO
Phone: +47 22538100
Web: www.hydro.com

Vacancy Details

Created 24.09.2014
Expires 02.11.2014
Company Norsk Hydro Asa
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Sogn og Fjordane
Phone +47 22538100
Email corporate@hydro.com
WWW www.hydro.com

The Høyanger metal plant produces approximately 120.000 tons of sheet ingots annually. The metal is extensively used for foil and lithographic plates, as well as in the automotive industry, enabling car manufacturers to build lighter and safer cars that pollute less. Awarded several times over the past years for its results in quality, health, safety and environment, the Høyanger organization is well known for dedicated improvement initiatives and determined safety work.

We are looking for graduates who would like to start their career by strengthening our plant’s position as one of the best performers in the global aluminium industry. You will be part of a team which supports and challenges the plant’s production organization in regard to technical solutions and improvements (lean manufacturing). Through a 2 years program, you will learn to utilize our production system in solving technical problems and proposing improvements. In coordination with you, we will then clarify a position for you, combining our business needs with your competence and ambitions.

Area of Responsibility
  • Get to know our Aluminium Metal Production System (AMPS) from theory
  • Analyze measurements from process technical parameters and / or equipment related parameters
  • Communicate with stakeholders and lead ad hoc projects that increases production output
  • Train operator teams in systematic problem solving utilizing AMPS tools
  • Be a part of the local AMPS work and participate in the Norwegian network
  • A master’s degree with good academic results within areas such as Chemistry,  Metallurgy/Material, Cybernetics, Mechanical Engineering, Light Metal Production, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Economics & Technology Management
  • Up to 2 years of work experience after graduation
  • Proactive and result oriented attitude with strong problem solving skills
  • Proven ability to work with others as well as taking lead in a team
  • Fluency in English and preferably Scandinavian languages



To read more about the position and find out how to apply, please visit Norsk Hydro here.