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Norges Miljø- Og Biovitenskapelige Universitet (nmbu)

Address: Universitetstunet 3, 1433 ÅS
Phone: +47 64965000

Vacancy Details

Created 08.09.2014
Expires 15.09.2014
Company Norges Miljø- Og Biovitenskapelige Universitet (nmbu)
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Akershus
Phone +47 64965000
Fax +47 64965001
Email postmottak@umb.no
WWW www.umb.no

The Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management (INA) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) has a vacant three year PhD–position investigating the role of disturbance and competition in determining species distributions on tropical elevation gradients. The study will be conducted in Costa Rica in collaboration with CATIE (“Centro Agronómico Tropical Investigación y Enseñanza”), where the field research will be hosted.

The project will determine how competitive exclusion varies with elevation in mixed-species tropical vegetation communities, and how manipulations that slow or prevent such exclusion might reduce local plant extinctions resulting from increased temperatures.


Specifically we will assess

1) the degree to which competition determines the upper- and lower-elevation distribution of plant species boundaries;
2) the degree to which disturbance histories influence elevation distributions;
3) the ability of disturbance, and interventions based on disturbance, to modify species distributions and contribute to species persistence in situ.

Main tasks

  • Satisfy all the requirements of a doctoral degree in NMBU
  • Complete a doctoral thesis in tropical plant ecology
  • Conduct both field survey and manipulative field studies requiring the candidate to spend several months in the tropics during the first two years.



If you would like to find out more and apply, please visit the NMBU website here.