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Hallvard Lerøy AS

Address: Bontelabo 2, 5003 BERGEN
Phone: +47 55213650
Web: www.leroyseafood.com

Vacancy Details

Created 08.01.2014
Expires 31.07.2014
Company Hallvard Lerøy AS
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Hordaland
Phone +47 55213650
Email hallvard@leroy.no
WWW www.leroyseafood.com

Lerøy Seafood Group places a considerable emphasis on the importance of having a recruitment policy which offers attractive jobs to employees with the correct skills and the motivation to obtain the best results in their field.

Lerøy Seafood Group is an international corporation involved in seafood, with its core business in distribution, sale and marketing of seafood, processing of seafood, production of salmon, trout and other fish species as well as product development.

With such a widely based core business, the Group has to recruit from a broad range of professions and skills. Our organization is therefore made up of people from different commercial and industrial backgrounds and with a wide range of educational qualifications. Since the Group is involved in a global industry where framework conditions are constantly changing, it is important that our employees maintain and extend their skills and competence. The Group is made up of a young, but highly experienced group of people. With the constant rate of change in framework conditions for the Group, we rely on employees who are dynamic, willing to learn and flexible. Our employees are dedicated to improve the Group’s competitive ability and performance and to making sure that each company is able to satisfy future demands and thereby achieve the Group’s long-term strategic goals.

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