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Tts Group Asa

Address: Folkebernadottesvei 38, 5147 FYLLINGSDALEN
Phone: +47 55947400

Vacancy Details

Created 14.01.2012
Expires 29.02.2012
Company Tts Group Asa
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Hordaland
Phone +47 55947400
Email info@tts-group.no
WWW www.tts-marine.com

The marketing manager is working in close collaboration with the divisions' sales and marketing managers with organizing, preparing and following up the group's marketing and communications efforts. The marketing manager reports to the Vice President of, Communications. 

He/She has, among others, the following working tasks: 

Coordinating the Group's external marketing, promotion activities, including:

  • Initiate, promote, ensure and monitor the activities that build on the Group's core values and brand strategy.
  • Planning and implementation of marketing measures such as campaigns, trade shows, brand promotion, coordination with advertisement, news and related agencies, etc.
  • Facilitating and following up cooperative agreements.
  • Facilitating, coordinating, or contributing in other forms to the implementation of events and customer meetings.
  • Developing the company's marketing materials (brochures and presentations) to our target groups
  • Developing and operating websites and social media, including search engine optimization and analysis of visitors to the company websites.
  • Engaging markets research and analysis.

Actively ensuring good communication internally and externally for the group by:

  • initiating, promoting and following up communication that builds up on the Group's core values and strategy.
  • In consultation with the Vice President of Communications coordinate the use of external and internal communication channels.
  • Carrying out the editorial work, including proposing and producing news articles.
  • Running and updating company information on the intranet / internet

Minimum 3 years of experience in marketing and communications within the BTB is required. It is an advantage to have worked with marketing and branding allied business. Having experience related to advertising, information work, journalism together with marketing, and active use of social media is desirable. 

Higher education is required. It is desirable with a B.Sc. in finance, marketing / public relations / journalism or related. 

The qualities: 
The right candidate has personal characteristics such as:

  • Working systematically and structured
  • Skilled in written and verbal communication
  • Focus on quality
  • Team-oriented
  • Interested in networks building and developing relationships nationally and internationally
  • Build trust with external partners, customers and colleagues
  • Act quickly when new opportunities arise
  • Self-propelled
  • Contributes to an inspiring and motivating work environment