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Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet Ntnu

Address: Høgskoleringen 1, 7034 TRONDHEIM
Phone: +47 73595000

Vacancy Details

Created 05.11.2013
Expires 15.11.2013
Company Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet Ntnu
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Sør-Trøndelag
Phone +47 73595000
Fax +47 73592240
Email postmottak@adm.ntnu.no
WWW www.ntnu.no

Professorship/Qualification Fellowship 

Professorship/Qualification Fellowship in Marine Technology - Marine Structures (IVT-124/13) Jobbnorge ID: 97913

The Department of Marine Technology, in the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) announces the following Professorship/Qualification Fellowship in Marine Technology (Marine Structures). 

The Department has at present 20 professors, 10 adjunct professors, 12 in other academic positions and 100 research fellows. 

The Department has responsibility for the following disciplines within Marine Technology: hydrodynamics, structural engineering, cybernetics, design, machinery and fisheries/aquaculture. 

The Department is organized in two divisions, Marine Systems and Marine Structures. The Professorship is part of the Marine Structures division that is responsible for the areas structural engineering, hydrodynamics, and cybernetics. The department is offering a five year Norwegian MSc-program, as well as a two-year international MSc program in Marine technology, and has extensive research activity and experimental research facilities. The department is a part of the Marine Technology Centre where MARINTEK and world class hydrodynamics laboratories are also located. 

The Professorship will have specific responsibilityfor teaching and research within marine structural engineering with special emphasis on strength properties and damage mechanisms for various metallic materials and composites applied in marine structures, designing against static and dynamic actions as well as structural design of connections with respect to fabrication, installation and operation under extreme environmental actions including Arctic conditions. The successful applicant to the Professorship is expected to participate actively in the collaboration with MARINTEK on static and dynamic testing of marine structural components in the strength laboratory. Qualifications within experimental testing may be emphasized. 

The position may alternatively be defined as a qualification fellowship for a period of no longer than 3 years. Within this 3-year limit, the duration of the appointment is dependent on the length of time it will take for a fellowship holder to obtain professorial qualifications. There are normally no compulsory tasks linked to such appointments, but if there should be an acute need at the University, specific duties can be stipulated when the appointment is made or during the period of the fellowship. If this eventuality makes it difficult for the fellow to obtain professorial qualifications within the period of the fellowship, the Senate can extend the fellowship period, but this cannot exceed a 3.5-year total period for the position. 

At the end of this period of appointment, the candidate has the right to be evaluated for permanent employment as a professor prior to a new announcement being made for a vacant professorship. 

The successful applicant for a professorship must document his/her extensive disciplinary qualifications in important fields within the discipline. His/her individual work must document scientific expertise in one or more parts of the discipline, particularly the specialist fields the Professorship has specific responsibility for.Weight will be placed on the ability to supervise and initiate research and development work. 

Weight will be placed on pedagogical skills. The evaluation of the candidate will be based on documented pedagogical material, including pedagogical education/training, the presentation of academic work, experience from supervising master-level students and doctoral candidates, and teaching as well as other pedagogical matters. The evaluation will consider both the quality and the scope. 

Academic staff who are employed without having a formal pedagogical qualification in university-level teaching and are unable to document equivalent qualifications, are required to successfully complete a recognized course that gives a pedagogical qualification in university-level teaching within two years of taking the appointment. The University offers such courses. 

The applicants that have been short-listed will be invited for interviews and a demonstration of their pedagogical ability, usually in the form of a trial lecture. 

The Professor is to be jointly responsible for disciplinary matters together with other academic staff in the Department. The Professor is required to participate in teaching activities in accordance with the relevant curriculum and assist in further developing the teaching programme, including continuing education. The Professor is expected to supervise master students, research fellows and doctoral candidates in his/her discipline and must agree to participate in administrative work. 

The Professor is obliged to follow the regulations that concern changes and developments within the discipline and/or the organisational changes concerning activities at the University. 

It is assumed that newly-employed staff in academic positions who do not already master a Scandinavian language are to obtain within three years knowledge of Norwegian or another Scandinavian language at an equivalent standard to level three in the Norwegian for Foreigners courses provided at the Department of Applied Linguistics. The University provides such courses. 

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants. 

NTNU would like to increase the percentage of female scientists in academic positions, and its policy is outlined in its equal opportunities plan. The following initiatives are relevant here: Start package for women in male-dominated fields. Qualification scholarships and mentor program for women in academic positions. 

The position adheres to the Norwegian Government's policy of balanced ethnicity, age and gender. Persons with immigrant background are encouraged to apply. 

The position as professor is remunerated according to wage levels 68 to 101 on the Norwegian State salary scale, with gross salary fromNOK578 500 toNOK1 228 500 per annum. 

There will be a 2 % deduction to The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund from gross salary. 

Further details about the Professorship/Qualification Fellowship can be obtained from Professor Jørgen Amdahl, phone 47 73 59 55 44, email jamda@ntnu.no

Applicants are asked to give an account of their pedagogical qualifications according to prepared guidelines ("Documentation of an applicant's pedagogical qualifications") which can be obtained from the following address on internet: http://www.ntnu.no/administrasjon/avdelinger/personal/momentliste_ped_kval_e.html 

The following documents must be enclosed with the application:
  • Certified copies of certificates, testimonials and a list of academic work.
  • Academic work - published or unpublished - that has relevance to the evaluation of the applicant's qualifications by the evaluation committee (not more than 10 such submissions).
  • A description of all the academic work that the applicant feels is most significant and that he/she feels the evaluation committee should pay particular attention to.
  • A list of all publications with bibliographical references.

Joint work will be evaluated. If it is difficult to identify the contributions from individuals in a joint piece of work, applicants are to enclose a short descriptive summary of what he/she did in this connection. 

Applicants are asked to submit the application in English with regards to the evaluation process. 

Applications are to be submitted via the link on this page. The file number for the position (IVT-124/13) is to be clearly stated on the application. 

The application deadline is 15 November 2013.
to see the full job ad and apply to this position: www.jobbnorge.no