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Institute for Energy Technology

Address: Instituttveien 18, 2007 KJELLER
Phone: +47 63806000
Web: http://www.ife.no/Frontpage-en

Vacancy Details

Created 28.10.2013
Expires 31.12.2013
Company Institute for Energy Technology
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Akershus
Phone +47 63806000
Email firmapost@ife.no
WWW http://www.ife.no/Frontpage-en

MSc projects are available in the fields of environmental technology, geothermal energy and CO2 capture and storage. Projects 1-4 are relevant for students in chemistry, chemical engineering, geochemistry, industrial engineering, process engineering, physics or materials science. Projects 5-8 are relevant for students with a background in physics, geology, mathematics, mathematical earth sciences, numerical simulation, computation or mechanics.

Materials, chemical engineering and process simulations:

1. Development of mechanically stable solid sorbent agglomerates for high-temperature CO2 capture.
2. Development of new hybrid ceramic material: catalyst/sorbent for hydrogen production and high-temperature CO2 capture.
3. Chemical process simulation.
4. Development of multi-functional soil amendments based on mafic minerals for GHG emissions mitigation in agriculture.

Geology and numerical simulations:

5. Chemical interaction of CO2-rich fluids with pre-existing fractures in cap rocks.
6. Developments of new numerical codes and experimental setups for coupled deformation, reaction and flow in tight rocks.
7. Basin modeling with metamorphic phase changes.
8. Cellular automaton model for hydrocarbon expulsion from source rocks.



If you would like to know more, please visit the Institute of Energy Technology's website here.