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Ikm Testing AS

Address: Ljosheimvegen 14, 4051 SOLA
Phone: +47 51649000

Vacancy Details

Created 27.05.2013
Expires 01.08.2013
Company Ikm Testing AS
Employment Full-time
Job type Permanent
County Rogaland
Phone +47 51649000
Email jens.bolme@ikm.no
WWW http://www.ikm.com/ikmtesting

The Mechanical Engineer is responsible for performing various maintenance tasks including but not limited to: studies, engineering, installation, inspection, troubleshooting, modifications and following up, repair, dismantling, cleaning and assembly of static and rotating equipment.

He/She with participate in a team of Engineers and Technical personnel to support the long term reliability and operability of the equipment and plant.

Responsibilities include:
• Developing and implementing a risk-based, mechanical integrity program for all mechanical equipment in an operating environment including pressure vessels, pipelines, tanks, interconnecting piping, and structures, etc.
• Promoting activities that improve stationary equipment reliability & integrity.
• Provide engineering support and guidance while working with management, engineering, business development and contractor personnel
• Assist in developing, monitoring and maintaining records to support on-going equipment reliability and integrity programs
• Provide technical support to engineering, operations and maintenance in the areas of materials, welding and corrosion;
• Work with engineering, operations and maintenance on the selection, application and interpretation of corrosion, erosion and wear monitoring
• Evaluate and validate new and existing maintenance concepts and prepare proposals
• Review and monitor planned maintenance activities
• Participate in the continuous improvement process
• Perform failure mode and effect analysis in order to determine the repair responsibility and requirement
• Follow up condition monitoring systems
• Usage of trends observed and future projections to decide on vulnerable equipment/processes that needs more regular monitoring and revising of maintenance programs
• Evaluate and validate the maintenance concept to be applied such as:
- Classification of equipment’s, definition of redundancy levels, criticality,
- Selection of methods and techniques to be applied,
- Selection of means to be applied,
- Provide and validate first degree, preventive and condition based maintenance programs with their intervals,
- Provide and validate the spares parts requirement to ensure availability of equipment’s,
• Define spare parts stocks to ensure the required availability of equipment’s,
• Study / preparation of specifications for major modification work
• Participation in turnaround and campaign maintenance planning
• Participation in HAZID, HAZOP, Risk Assessment and operability studies.
• Provide recommendations to reduce maintenance costs,
• Preparation of procedures for specific jobs,
• Analysing and reporting of incident related to equipment which could have repercussions on maintenance policy,
• Executing studies on reliability, availability of equipment’s

Required expertise:
• Knowledge Authority rules and regulations
• Technically competent in Equipment Reliability Engineering
• Experience with Pressure Vessel and Process Piping inspection and reliability programs
• Experience with Rotating Equipment (centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, gas and air compressors, power turbines)
• Hands-on experience with specific mechanical maintenance activities
• Demonstrated knowledge of design theory, equipment sizing and selection, design specifications, industry standards, monitoring, preventative maintenance and repair methods for static equipment
• Extensive familiarity with internationally recognized Codes and Standards associated with the subject equipment

For more information: Elin.Ropeid@IKM.no, T: +47 51 64 13 73, or visit the IKM Testing website.

Application and CV sendes: Elin.Ropeid@IKM.no