Situated far beyond the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is proud of its reputation as the gateway to the High North. The city is also known as the “Paris of the North”, which testifies to its hospitality and international orientation. In fact, the economy of the region was truly international centuries before the word “globalization” was invented.

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  • Norway Exports

    Staying informed is essential for success, no matter what your line of business is. In Norway Exports you will find information about exporting sectors and regions, as well as an overview of highly profiled companies. You ...


  • Tromsø Kommune

    Tromsø has a long tradition as "The Gateway to the Arctic" and as a main centre for the fisheries industry.


  • Troms Chamber of Commerce

    Troms Chamber of Commerce is an independent business organization whose tasks are to create value and contribute to a good life for the 100,000 inhabitants in the region.