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Norwegian Trends, Innovations & Cutting-edge Companies


Staying informed is essential for success, no matter what your line of business is. In Norway Exports you will find information about exporting sectors and regions, as well as an overview of highly profiled companies. You can read, download or order publications – all for free



Marketing Norway to the world for more than 50 years

NE1965 [3]


The first publication in the series was printed in 1957 and since then we have worked closely with the export industry to provide a structured overview of trends, products and services within the Norwegian export market. Over 15 different publications are made available on a global basis annually. Norway Exports was until recently a part of the Norwegian Export Council and is now owned by Media Digital AS.



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Norway Exports is an excellent tool if you are seeking general information about Norwegian sectors, or searching for specific products. You can read all of the issues online, and we also ship large quantities of issues to trade fairs and events, all free of charge. All you have to do is indicate which issues you want along with the quantity and a shipping address.

Strong collaborations for you benefit

culture [3]

Norwegian companies that currently export or are able to deliver to an international market may participate in Norway Exports after an initial screening and selection process. Norway Exports collaborates closely with the Norwegian trade portal www.Nortrade.com and all Norway Exports’ issues are developed in close cooperation with the relevant Ministries, industry branch organizations and research institutions.


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As a partner you will get unlimited amounts of free publications for internal or trade fairs & events usage. We are constantly looking for new partners that can provide editorial input, new distribution channels or new networks. Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in a partnership, participation or have any questions.

Our partners use Norway Exports because:

“Norway Exports is very useful to promote Norway. We are sending them out
to institutions in our network like importers, chambers of commerce and associations as well as we hand them out at the embassy.”
-Lía Rendón de Giacomino, Norwegian Embassy in Argentina

“The Norway Exports publications are very popular, and we are handing them out on all of the trade shows and conferences we organize.”
-Ewa Kwast, Innovation Norway Warsaw


“Norway Exports is very useful to promote Norway and is an essential part of our communication on trade fairs”
-Paal Hovland, Innovation Norway Brazil


“Norway Exports is of great use and very valuable for Oslo Chamber of Commerce, both in our search for Norwegian business partners for our foreign customers and in our studies of the Norwegian market within a given sector.”
– Astri Platou


“Norway Exports provides us with a great opportunity to reach a wide selection of countries and markets. The sector based publications are effective distribution channels for our services.”
– Benedicte Meydel, Oslo Chamber of Commerce